Poor Lost and Found Disposal Methods Could Endanger Staff

It’s a fairly common practice: Many businesses and organizations give unclaimed items collected by lost and found departments to employees as incentives to turn in found items. These items range from designer clothing to jewelry to smartphones. While a free jacket or watch from your business’s lost and found department might be a great prize to an employee, an unclaimed smartphone might cause significant problems for the person who receives it. Here’s a possible scenario: Let’s say a housekeeper at a hotel turns in a smartphone she finds left behind in a guest room. After several weeks, the device remains unclaimed so the housekeeper is awarded the found smartphone. She gives the phone to he

Going Green? Consider Recycling E-waste and Saving Lives.

You might think your business is environmentally savvy, but did you know there’s more to going green than saving water and switching to energy efficient lightbulbs? Recycling electronic waste through a charitable organization like the 911 Cell Phone Bank can lighten the burden of the local landfill and even save lives. E-waste, also known as electronic waste, comes in many shapes and forms. From old and unused computers to the unclaimed cellphones in your lost and found department, chances are good that there is some kind of e-waste lurking at your place of business. Numbers from assert that Americans generate more than 11.7 million tons of e-waste annually. This breaks down t

Meet me at the mall: Teens, smartphones phones and shopping malls

If you manage the lost and found department for a shopping mall, you are likely familiar with unclaimed smartphones. But are you familiar with who those phones belong to? Knowing this information can help protect your reputation and the identities of your shoppers when dealing with their unclaimed personal electronic devices. Here are three things shopping mall lost and found departments need to know about teens and lost smartphones: Teens are more likely to shop in stores and they’re bringing their smartphones with them. Ninety-eight percent of those age 18-24 own a smartphone according to Neilsen, and it’s very likely that the personal electronic devices in your mall’s lost and found depar