Why Dispose of Smartphones and Credit Cards the Same Way?

What holds the keys to your identity and fits into the palm of your hand? If you’re like most people, the answer is likely within reach: Your smartphone. In fact, a smartphone can be more valuable than a credit card or the balance of your checking account. Not only does the device likely contain access to your credit and debit cards through tools like Apple Wallet or Samsung Pay, but your smartphone contains personal passwords, identifying (and potentially damaging) photos, personal information and more. And if your personal device happened to wind up in a lost and found department, you’d likely hope for the device to be disposed of properly to keep your information secure and your identity

The Inn Keeper and the iPhone

You operate and manage a small hotel next to a convention center in large city. The hotel’s excellent location and service attract businessmen and women from all around the country. You maintain a comfortable, hospitable environment, and your staff goes above and beyond in looking out for your guests. For example, the bellmen know to remind travelers to look for chargers and mobile devices prior to checking out because they can be easily overlooked. But inevitably, items go missing or are lost. A weary road warrior leaves his laptop by the bed as he scrambles to make his flight home. A salesmen celebrates a promotion a little too much at the lobby bar and doesn’t’ remember leaving his B

Thanks For Your Support Sheriff High!

Since 2007 Prince Georges County Sheriff’s Office has been a strong supporter of the 911 Cell Phone Bank. During that time, the department has actively promoted the 911 Cell Phone Bank at public functions, such as meetings, picnics, and other events. The Sheriff believes that the emergency cell phones provided by the 911 Cell Phone Bank program are an important part of a safety initiative that benefits the citizens he represents. According to Sheriff High the no-cost program is "helping to create an important sense of security that the citizens who receive the phones might otherwise not have". How have they helped? According to Lt. Col. Lina Calabrese, in one particular instance, a 911 emer