Have You Lost HopeLine?

It has recently come to our attention that Verizon is no longer accepting phone donations to their Hope Line program. We have heard from both commercial clients, as well as fraternal organizations, that this has occurred within the past 30 days (approximately). They found this out when they attempted to make recent donations, which were refused. The 911 Cell Phone Bank would be a welcome alternative for any organization which is currently using the Verizon Hope Line program as their disposal source for donated phones, as well as other small electronics items. Call 1 – 866-290-7864 or e-mail for more information or to become a contributing partner.

From Lost to Liable

When we think about data breaches, what comes to mind first are the big-box retailers, online stores, and chain restaurants that perform thousands of point-of-sales transactions daily and weekly. We then might think of the three large credit bureaus or multi-national banking institutions that have gripped the headlines in recent news. When it comes to trends in data breaches, size matters - but it’s not the biggest that are to blame. An alarming number of data breaches are now caused by small, lost electronic devices. And bad actors are developing new and improved ways to access your information in the palms of their hands. Embedded data. Retail, hospitality, and amusement industries earn