How iPhone Activation Lock Prevents Your Donated Phone from Being Used

With new smartphone prices climbing to the $1,000 range, buying a used phone is a great money-saving alternative! These used phones are available often because of generous donation. However, there’s an extra step to be taken before dropping your old Apple product in that recycle box. The activation lock feature on Apple products is wildly successful at preventing theft and helping you locate your lost device, but on the other hand, it’s interfering with the recycling process of phones that are willingly donated. When these phones are brought to electronic recycling facilities, like the 911 Cell Phone Bank, they are assessed on how they will be used based on condition, but when this lock is p

Brave Abuse Victim Shares Her Story – Now a 911 Cell Phone Bank Supporter

Linda Low shares her heart-wrenching story of abuse, and how she bravely escaped a seemingly hopeless situation. Read for yourself to see just how helpful, in this case life-saving, a secret phone could be for anyone trapped in an abusive relationship… It all started with a “tumultuous divorce” she called it. Like most women after a stressful life event, she was out celebrating. She was caught off guard and thought she had met a nice man. Nice enough to convince her to let him stay at her place for 3 nights until his place was ready. He even offered her $50.00 a night to do so. “He did sleep on the couch and was a gentleman” she said. She carried on with her weekly routine. Dropping the kids