Deactivated Phone Saves 13 Siblings Being Held Hostage

As parents, it's your responsibility to care for and love your children. Unfortunately, we see that isn’t always the case in this world. David and Louise Turpin displayed this inhumane act of not caring for their children, when it was brought to light that they had been keeping their 13 children locked away in their home as prisoners. The couple beat and tortured the children, starved them, and left them chained to their beds for 20 hours a day. They were only allowed out of their room briefly to use the restroom, eat, and brush their teeth. They may have never been caught if it wasn’t for their 17-year-old daughter sneaking an old deactivated cell phone and making an escape through the wind

Elderly and Alone, Can You Call for Help?

Our loved ones are dear to us, especially our elderly relatives. One way we show we care is by making sure they are taken care of in case of an emergency. Most do this by ensuring they have a form of communication, either a cell phone or some sort of Life Alert button. Even if a cell phone is inactive, it is still able to call 911. This was the situation for a man in Iowa. Using his cell phone he placed a call to 911, unable to even speak, only moan in pain. The dispatcher Katie Neimants was eager to help, but her ability to help was made difficult because of the cell phone he was calling from. The cell phone wouldn’t map on the 911 GPS system because it was old and inactive. Thankfully anot

Did You Read the User Agreement?

When you send your lost and found devices to a certified electronics recycler, you expect your job to be done and your hands clean. Using phrases like “Certified Data Erasure” or “Secure Data Destruction” you would assume, and rightly so, these companies are protecting your guest’s data and your reputation. What though, if depending on the company you choose, that’s not the case? What if right in their user agreement the company told you explicitly it “does not guarantee that it will erase data” and “In no way will we, our affiliates and partners be liable for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special, or exemplary damages, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, even if we we