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Follow Up: A Smashed Smartphone Won't Stop a Crime Scene Investigator

Criminal in Handcuffs

In October of 2015 we let you know about a unique request we received from a law enforcement partner of ours. Ken Lininger of the Winter Garden Police Department, asked if we could provide a a smartphone to be used to duplicate a damaged phone so detectives could obtain the information it contained. We did and here's what happened afterward.

Ken writes: "In April 2015, the Winter Garden Police Department was involved in a Homicide, in which the victim’s cell phone had been shattered and broken into several pieces. I contacted Bob at 911 Cell Phone Bank to see if they were able to find and/or provide a phone similar to the one destroyed, so that we could try and obtain the information contained on the phone. Bob was able to find a phone that worked, and we were able to obtain the information and provide it to the State Attorney for trial. In March 2016, the case went to trial. The jury came back within 64 minutes with a guilty verdict with life in prison. Thanks to 911 Cell Phone Bank we were able to obtain the information and provide a timeline for our suspect and victim, and secure a conviction."

Abraham Lincoln once said “To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own." To a certain degree all of us helped to ease the heartache of this victims' family. By participating actively in the 911 Cell Phone Bank - DataSecure program you can help others and feel good about doing it.

Thanks for your continued support!

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