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  • Bob Mikler

Helped By a Child

Meet Raymond Hauryluke, a 7 year old, second grader at Unity Charter School, in Morristown New Jersey. For a school project, he wanted to do a cell phone collection. He reached out to the Mayor and Town

manager of Randolph, New Jersey to receive permission to set up a donation box at the Randolph Recycling Center. He also set up a donation box at the Little Falls Police Department. He created a flyer which described his project, as well as making posters and a display board. The drive lasted for 3 weeks.

At a school PBL Showcase for parents and community members, children were invited to identify problems, as well as their solutions. Raymond showed his display, explained the problem (lack of emergency communication) and how the 911 Cell Phone Bank helped by making donated devices available to those in need. As a result of his talk, he was able to collect additional units during the showcase. His grand total for the event was 41 phones, which were forwarded to the 911 Cell Phone Bank for processing and distribution.

Well done, Raymond! Thanks for your help!

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