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If you have a question thats not answered below feel free to contact us by telephone at 866-290-7864 or by email at

What is your data removal procedure?


Since the focus of our program is data removal having a comprehensive plan is essential for success. We use a combination of manufacturers and industry software tools to ensure each device, whether cell phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop, memory card, or camera has been completely data sanitized and data has been deleted. In addition we check for data erasure at least three times during processing.


A complete and detailed description of our process will be provided in proposal form based on your organizations needs. To get the proposal process started please contact us by telephone at 866-290-7864 or by email at

What do you do to a device upon receipt?


We follow a very thorough inspection process when we receive a device.


  1. First, we record the item’s electronic serial number.

  2. We then inspect the device for damage and usability. Items that are damaged or unusable are securely disposed of.

  3. Items that are not damaged are checked against several device status databases to ensure the item has not been reported as stolen.

  4. If the device is clear we inspect it for cosmetic damage that would effect usability. If a device is deemed unusable because of cosmetic damage it is securely disposed of.

  5. If the device passes the cosmetic inspection we fully test its funcionality and remove all data.

How do you securely dispose of devices that are unusable?


A device is deemed unusable if it cannot be cleared of user data, it does not work and cannot be repaired, or it is obsolete and cannot access a wireless network. These devices are considered ewaste and are either used for parts in another repair or recycled with an ISO 14001 R2 certified electronic recycler.

What do you do with working devices that are sent in under this program?


After working devices are cleared of all information and tested thoroughly they are divided into two categories: obsolete and current models. 


Obsolete cell phones/smartphones are eligible for use in our emergency cell phone program or Lifeline program phones and may be distributed to our partner law enforcement and victim services agencies. All other obsolete devices may be distributed to our partner law enforcement or victim services agencies to be used as they see fit. Current model devices are remarketed to help defray the cost of program operation.

Why shouldn't we donate our lost and found items to a local charity?


It is always desirable to support local charities when you can. However, you must consider the potential liability of working with a local charity. The overwhelming majority of local organizations that accept electronic devices as donations sell those devices to a third party and never turn on  any of them, let alone delete the data stored on them. You are relying on a company you have no agreement with to protect the personal data of your guests and customers.

Why shouldn't we just give our lost and found items to the employee who found them?


It is nice to reward those that follow policy and turn the devices in to lost and found, however care needs to be shown so as to protect the data of the original device owner. We can support your employee rewards program by ensuring devices are returned tested and cleared of all personal data. 

Why shouldn't we sell our unclaimed items?

Selling items may sound very attractive but consider what is most important; making a few bucks or protecting your guest's private information and your company's reputation? Most companies who buy unclaimed devices DO NOT guarantee the erasure of user data. If you elect to sell your devices, make sure the company you choose guarantees complete erasure of data. It is common for companies to use terms like "Certified Data Erasure" or "Secure Data Destruction" but employ processes that DO NOT ensure complete data erasure. Some even say so in their user agreement things like "we assume no liability" or "we do not guarantee we will erase all data on devices". Read all terms and conditions carefully.

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