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Imagine how a guest feels when he loses his device while

staying at your property or riding in your cab.

If you're like most people your smartphone is your life. Now, imagine you lost it...would you panic? Most likely the answer is yes, not necessarily because of the cost of replacing the gadget but because of what it contains...your life in little bits of electronic data. A recent survey of smartphone users ranked losing their mobile computing device as more stressful than losing their wedding ring (77% vs 55%).

Now think about the devices that are under your care and keeping in your lost and found or property and evidence room. Would the owners of those devices want you to protect their personal data? YES! This is especially true when a device is unclaimed. You must dispose of unclaimed devices in a manner that protects the privacy of the device owner. 


Most smartphones hold a wealth of information about the user. This data is remarkably easy to access, should a phone fall into the wrong hands. A Federal Reserve survey found that 51% of smartphone owners used mobile banking last year. According to the survey 38% of smartphone owners don't password-protect their devices, and 32% have auto sign-in for banking and financial websites.

Potential liability exists if you fail to take proper care of lost and found devices under your control. In these cases, disposing of a  device without properly wiping user data is tantamount to handing control of your customers bank account to an absolute stranger.

We safely dispose of unclaimed portable electronic devices.

Almost all electronic devices hold personal data of some kind. Our process ensures data deletion on all types of electronic devices. If a device cannot be reset and data cannot be deleted we responsibly recycle it. 

Messages - You may not think that an email or text message has any information that can be of value to a thief but they may. Have you ever emailed or texted someone your alarm code...a password...your social security number...or some other piece of sensitive data? This type of data is stored on all types of devices and can be difficult to delete. Our process ensures that data stored in little known areas of some cell phones and other device memory is deleted.


Financial Data - The overwhelming majority of users log on to financial services using their smartphones or tablets. Many of them do not password protect the device and even automatically login to their accounts. We clear all passwords and reset each device back to factory settings.

20% of Teenagers Have Sent or Posted Intimate Content Using an Electronic Device

Confidential Data - Laptops have always been the preferred tool for business travelers but increasingly smartphones and tablets are replacing the bulky laptop. These devices are equipped to download store and edit many document formats including .doc, .xls, .pdf and all image formats. Quite often these files are stored on removable memory cards. Our process deletes the data on all removable storage. 


Photos and Videos - The ubiquity of electronic devices that double as cameras, mean pictures and videos can be taken ANYWHERE! The nightly news is replete with pics and vids of teenage fight clubs, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions and misbehaving politicians all caught on film by ordinary people using ordinary devices. Not to mention the intimate photos taken by the average smartphone user. Our process keeps these things private by maintaining control of the devices throughout the entire testing and deletion process.

38% of Mobile Device Users Don't Password Protect Their Devices

51% of Mobile Device Users Bank Online With Their Mobile Device

32% of Mobile Device Users Use Auto Sign In For Banking and Financial Websites

10% of Users Who Lose a Device Report Loss of Confidential Data 

Protect your customers private, confidential and sensitive data.

Let us safely dispose of unclaimed portable electronic devices.

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