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41% of Data Breaches Are Caused By Lost Electronic Devices. How Are You Protecting Your Guests?

Although the news has been filled with horror stories about hacking groups who are responsible for breaches or free apps that contain malware that sends private information back to its developer, the fact is, in the past decade most data breaches were actually caused by device loss. That according to a new study by Trend Micro.

Over the last decade, lost devices account for 41% of all breaches compared to 25% caused by hacking and malware. Companies often

overlook the sensitive information stored on employee laptops, mobile devices, and even thumb drives. If any of these devices get lost and are left unprotected, they become an easy way for a thief to steal data and potentially harm the original owner.

The Trend Micro report is not just referring to the average person losing a device with lewd photos or the occasional salacious text message. The report refers to sizable data breaches reported by the companies that were breached. The cost of these breaches reaching into the billions. That being said it is not a reach to imagine one of these companies filing a suit against your hotel, resort or entertainment venue should your lost and found department dispose of a device without ensuring the data will be protected.

A recent article on this blog gave some compelling reasons to be concerned about this issue. Another article outlined common lost and found practices that may lead to serious data breaches. Use this information to determine whether your lost and found policies protect your guests personal and sensitive information.

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