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  • Bob Mikler

Thanks For Your Support Sheriff High!

Since 2007 Prince Georges County Sheriff’s Office has been a strong supporter of the 911 Cell Phone Bank. During that time, the department has actively promoted the 911 Cell Phone Bank at public functions, such as meetings, picnics, and other events. The Sheriff believes that the emergency cell phones provided by the 911 Cell Phone Bank program are an important part of a safety initiative that benefits the citizens he represents. According to Sheriff High the no-cost program is "helping to create an important sense of security that the citizens who receive the phones might otherwise not have".

How have they helped? According to Lt. Col. Lina Calabrese, in one particular instance, a 911 emergency use phone provided by the 911 Cell Phone Bank, was directly involved in saving the life of a citizen.

For more information on how Sheriff High feels about the program, watch the video above.

Lt. Col. Lina Calabrese, with the Bureau of Court Services, is always willing to provide a recommendation to any agencies that makes an inquiry.

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