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  • Laura L. Isaacs

From the News: Confiscated Cell Phone Leads to Principal’s Arrest

It’s an undeniable fact: Bad things can happen when lost cell phones fall into the wrong hands, especially if the device belongs to a teenager.

Just a few weeks ago in Kentucky, a high school student’s privacy was violated when nude photos from her confiscated cell phone were leaked online. In this case, the photos were leaked by a high school principal who found the confiscated device. He was sentenced to nine years in federal prison for his actions. If a high school principal, who is tasked with keeping our students safe and ensuring their education, is capable of committing such a crime imagine what your staff is capable of when it comes to the phones stranded in your lost and found department.

Those who manage the lost and found departments of places where teens congregate – think schools, shopping malls, movie theaters and more – need to be aware of what can happen to teens and to adults when phones fall into the wrong hands. Almost two-thirds of teens and young adults said they send and receive “sexy messages” on their phones, according to a recent Sex and Tech Summary report. This includes text and pictures that could be damaging or even illegal if someone obtains a device that hasn't been properly secured, as in the situation above.

The best way to ensure teens’ privacy and to protect your staff is to make sure lost cell phones are secured and disposed to safely to keep their information, photos and reputations safe. A lost and found department best practice is to ensure that all unclaimed phones are handed over to a reputable organization that secures data before passing on the device.

The 911 Cell Phone Bank takes unclaimed portable electronic devices, like smartphones from your lost and found department, and protects both your reputation and that of the previous owner, by removing private and confidential data and then uses the devices as lifelines for domestic violence victims, the elderly and more. Contact us today to learn about how your business can start taking advantage of our secure disposal of lost cell phones.

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