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Domestic Violence Awareness Month – A Time to Take Action

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

October isn’t just a time to watch the leaves change, being domestic violence awareness month, it’s a time to reflect. Every minute, nearly 20 people are physically abused by their partner in the U.S. That’s more than 10 million women and men in the span of one year. Domestic Violence isn’t something we should keep silent about.

At the 911 Cell Phone Bank, we’re taking action. The cell phones we collect and recycle are used to support our mission: to provide a no cost emergency contact to victims of abuse. But we aren’t the only ones taking action. We checked in with the organizations that support our mission to find out what they are doing in honor of this month.

Taylor County Sheriff’s Office in Abilene, Texas is holding an Electronic Device Drive this month to help out. With this, people are encouraged to drop off their old devices so they can be donated, recycled, and repurposed to help those in need. Lt. John Cummins says, “We definitely want to make available avenues for people to call 911 in an emergency when they need to so there's not any delay getting help to them.” Taylor County Sheriff’s Office has donates about 750 phones in the past six years. The Victims Assistance Units from the Lone Tree, Castle Rock, and Parker Police Departments are working together to collect phones with a drop-off this month as well. They certainly are doing their part!

The Help Now Shelter in Orlando is taking action as well. They are holding their 5th Annual Women in Distress Charity Golf Tournament for the cause. Their fundraising goal helps give women, children and men who are fleeing abusive homes, not only a second chance, but hope. It enables the shelter to continue providing its no-cost programs and services to those in distress. It is a pleasure to work with such an organization!

Many more of our supporters are putting up a fight against domestic violence. “… during this month we do public outreach through radio, social media, magazines and television.” Johanna Mendez from the Rose Andom Center in Colorado shares what they are doing this October.

We are proud to work alongside these organizations as well as many more who refuse to standby silently while this issue is abounding. Here at the 911 Cell Phone Bank we are continuously looking for new supporters to help us in this fight. Are you doing all you can to help? To get involved, call us at 866-290-7864 or send an email to:

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