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You Helped Save A Life – Again!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Our supporters may not realize the real impact they have on victims, and when they do, their excitement is evident. Vicki Ruley, Crime Prevention Coordinator, Walla Walla Police Department shares with us, “I gave a woman a 911 cell phone on Friday, Dec 5th and she used the phone to call for help on Saturday Dec 6th! A person was then arrested for violating a protection order! This is the first time that I know of that a victim from our area used the 911 cell phone to call for help!!!” We love hearing these success stories!

Some people are skeptical or concerned that the phones we provide only dial 911. Experiences like this show that these phones have the ability to save lives, and shows the true value of our program. Many lost and found managers have a reservation as well, they think they don’t have enough devices worth sending, but whether you have one device or one-hundred, these phones are cleared of their confidential data and put to good use; beneficial for both parties.

Your donations have a real impact on the community. “Having spent over 27 years in the property room (Dungeon) I can tell you without reservation that we could not do our jobs without your types of services. This process makes our duties have a greater purpose knowing the phones and other devices will be going to help others.” – James Nally, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

We are actively engaging casinos, hotels, resorts... anyone who operates a lost and found; asking you to donate your unclaimed electronic devices.

To get involved, call us at 866-290-7864 or send an email to

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