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Cellphones For Science - How We Partnered With Utah Science Teacher

We recently received a request for cellphones to use as part of a science project. 8th grade teacher, Teresa H., tells us the inventive plan she has for her students: "We will use cell phones to investigate atoms and molecules, properties of matter and how properties relate to function, natural resources, and waves, among other things. To make this educational experience as rich as possible, we need cell phones..."

What a creative idea!

Thanks to Jessica of West Valley City Prosecutors Office for spreading the word about our program!

Of course, we were happy to help. Take a look at what your donations have made possible for these students:

As promised, our program securely and safely disposes of electronics and its data; to ensure we live up to that guarantee, one of our representatives, Laura, explained that we would need the pieces back (at our shipping cost) to honor our agreement with our donors. Teresa gladly complied. Not only did these phones serve as an educational experience for these students, they are also safely disposed of, and NOT in a landfill.

We love to see how our program is benefiting the community! Could your school benefit from our program? Don't hesitate to reach out, we are more than happy to support our educators in any way we can.

Want to donate? Contact us at

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