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Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Why This One is More Important Than The Last

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is important every year. It’s important to examine ourselves, see how we can help, and if we’re already helping, how we can help more.

But this DVAM may be the most important yet. Why? Amid this global pandemic, victims all over the world are feeling more trapped than ever before. Before Covid-19, many victims got some relief when their abusers left home to go to work, or the victims themselves got out of the house to go to their jobs. Considering 20.6 million jobs were lost in this country alone, you can see how these victims aren’t getting that same small window of relief. You can also imagine how powerless and afraid these victims must feel.

To put this in perspective, when public schools closed in Portland, Oregon from March 16th - March 23rd, just one week, there was a 22% increase in Domestic Violence arrests. There were similar results in Texas, Alabama, and New York. They need your help now more than ever.

We provide emergency cell phones for these victims to get the help they need. Unfortunately, a lot of these companies who have been providing us with donations, have gone out of business, or have less to donate do to the economies drop. Is your place of work still in business? Are you an individual with old phones sitting in a drawer? You can help! These phones can mean someone’s life. Let’s work together to help the vulnerable ones in our community.

To get involved, call us at 866-290-7864 or send an email to

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