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Domestic Violence Victims Can Reclaim Their Safety with Home Security

Guest article provided by: Emily Graham @ Mighty Moms |

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Recovery from the emotional trauma of domestic violence is a complex and multi-layered process. However, although this process will be different for every individual victim of domestic violence, some of the basic concepts are constant. A need for safety and stabilization is one of the three primary stages of emotional trauma recovery. Today, the 911 Cell Phone Bank outlines some ways victims of violence can get and remain safe in their homes.

The Need for Security

Safety and stabilization can mean different things to different people. It doesn’t always mean physically barricading oneself in their home; instead, it can be closely tied to your ability to self-soothe, pay attention to emotional triggers, or re-establish connections with friends and loved ones. Many of the things that can feel challenging can be worked out. If you relied on your partner for health insurance, for instance, you can get it on the ACA marketplace and make sure it's gauged for your income level. notes that emotional instability is not easily fixed but requires a process of healing, which calls for taking steps to move forward.

Ultimately, physically reinforcing your residence can play an essential role in maintaining this sense of security. But you may consider searching for a new place to live, like an apartment or rental home, a place that meets your unique needs. If you choose to rent instead of taking out a mortgage on a new home, which should factor in such things as affordability and the timeline of your move, look for a rental with gated access or 24/7 security.

Those who have left an abusive relationship may be looking to secure their homes from any contact with an abuser. Even if the abuser is unlikely to intrude, the vulnerability that accompanies recovery can be self-defeating. Fortunately, technology today provides numerous options for victims to help in recovery from their emotional trauma.

Simple Safety Solutions

Home security can, in fact, be as simple as a lock on the door. Make sure you change the locks when moving into a new house and also if you happen to lose the keys to your home. Install deadbolts on all exterior doors, and think beyond the lock as well by making sure that your door frame is sturdy and resistant to being kicked in.

Sliding glass doors can be easily opened with a small amount of pressure, but this weakness can be eliminated through the installation of metal bars in the sliding door track. The bar prevents the door from functioning while in place, but there are toe-kick versions that block the track and are easy to switch on or off.

When you invest in door locks and blocks, make sure you use them, as they are only useful if put into action. And there are other simple steps that you can take to ensure safety, such as not storing spare keys under a welcome mat or mailbox, says Brinks Home. Also, consider using your own landscaping as a form of home security. This could include using gravel to help create noise or planting thorny bushes under windows.

Home Security Systems

For optimal protection, alarm systems are one of the best ways to prevent unwanted people at your door. Alarms immediately inform the authorities and scare off intruders with piercing sounds; they often are effective merely through their presence. An intruder will think twice about entering a home that is clearly protected by an alarm. Today’s home security systems are far more advanced, and homeowners can now choose from a wide range of security options, such as around-the-clock monitoring and video surveillance.

Another home security option that you might consider is a stand-alone home security camera system. These systems are becoming increasingly popular according to security experts. Their prices have come down over the past few years as the highly competitive "smart home" market of products grows.

Current models enable users to monitor video feeds remotely through smartphone apps and provide notifications when there is activity in a camera's zone. The systems also use cloud storage, so homeowners do not have to keep and manage backup tapes on-premises and even have reporting functionalities so you can review activity without having to watch hours of footage. You can go online and find out how to troubleshoot home security system issues if they ever arise.

Home security systems may only play one part in emotional trauma recovery, but they can provide a powerful sense of security for domestic violence victims. Alarms and cameras can also act as a deterrent and allow you to monitor any kind of activity on your premises and can be combined with strong locks and doors to keep out aggressive intruders.

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