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Donating Your Old Phone is Great – Leaving Behind Data is Not

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Recycling materials is great for the environment, no issue there. The problem comes when the device is now the property of a new owner. Can the previous owners data be reached by the new owner?

Data erasure and mobile device diagnostic software company, Blancco, helps us by conducting a few tests.

On a test conducted on 100 second-hand Android devices, 19% had recoverable data, with 10% containing information such as text messages and call logs from the previous owner. One phone even contained sensitive corporate data.

Now, those phones were acquired second-hand and then tested. Blancco furthers the analysis by performing tests on devices after a factory reset. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the only step to removing sensitive data from your device. The results? Data was recovered on 14 out of 68 phones. These tests were conducted on Android devices operating on Gingerbread (2.3) up to Nougat (7.0).

Obviously, it doesn’t seem to matter if your phone is a newer model or an older one, data was recovered on Android devices operating on older software, up to OS 6.0. Yes, the newer the phone the better these operating systems get, but your personal information is still retraceable if not properly cleared.

The 911 Cell Phone Bank is proud to use Blancco software. They ensure that extra layer of security to protect your personal data. Every erasure is tested, certified and approved. Leading organizations across the globe, and government officials recommend this software.

You can trust that your device will be properly cleared when donating to The 911 Cell Phone Bank.

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