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End Violence Against Sex Workers

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This day calls attention to crimes committed against sex workers, and the need to remove the social shame and discrimination that contributes to the violent actions taken against them.

Crimes committed against sex workers often go unreported, unaddressed and unpunished. Because of the stigmatization surrounding them, they are often reluctant to report illegal action themselves. Many people don't care at all when prostitutes are beaten, raped, or murdered, to the point where if a crime is witnessed, the observer does not feel compelled to intervene or report. Whether you approve of their lifestyle or not, they are still human beings that do not deserve this unjust treatment. They are still someone's daughter, son, sister, or brother; someone's family, a member of our community.

Sex workers are often victims of theft. If their phone, tablet, or other forms of communication are stolen, they are even more vulnerable in a violent situation. Non-profit organizations such as the 911 Cell Phone Bank can help. The 911CPB securely recycles and donates cellphones to law enforcement and victims agencies. Phones are then distributed to victims in need, allowing them to now have a reliable connection to contact emergency services when the need arises. These phones save lives.

Do you have a cellphone, tablet, or other small electronic device in your home that you are no longer using? Does your company have a lost-and-found room that contains unclaimed devices that have been left behind by guests? Even if these devices are broken, please consider donating them to the 911 Cell Phone Bank. The program is 100% FREE, tax-deductible, and guaranteed secure.

These phones help people in ways that you cannot imagine. Thank you for helping our vulnerable community!

Visit to learn more about this cause.

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