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Did you know? Electronic devices consist of approximately 20% plastic.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that encourages people to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics throughout the month of July. It aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic waste and promote sustainable alternatives. Electronic recycling of devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming devices, etc., although not directly related to plastic waste, plays a crucial role in reducing overall environmental harm. Here's how responsible electronic recycling can help in the context of Plastic Free July:

  1. REDUCING PLASTIC COMPONENTS: Electronics often contain various plastic components, such as casings, cables, and packaging. By recycling electronic devices, these plastics can be recovered and reused, reducing the demand for new plastic production.

  2. PREVENTING E-WASTE: Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a growing concern globally. When disposed of improperly, electronics can release harmful substances into the environment, including plastics. By recycling electronic devices, we can prevent e-waste from ending up in landfills or being incinerated, thus reducing plastic pollution.

  3. ENCOURAGING RESPONSIBLE DISPOSAL: Electronic recycling promotes responsible disposal practices. When people know that their electronic devices can be safely recycled, they are less likely to dispose of them inappropriately, such as throwing them in regular trash bins where they could end up in landfills.

  4. RESOURCE CONSERVATION: Electronics contain valuable materials such as metals, glass, and plastics. By recycling these devices, these materials can be recovered and reused in the production of new electronic products. This reduces the need for extracting and processing virgin materials, including plastics.

  5. EDUCATION AND AWARENESS: Electronic recycling initiatives provide an opportunity to educate the public about the environmental impact of electronic waste. By participating in such initiatives during Plastic Free July, individuals can become more conscious of the connection between plastic pollution and electronics, leading to more responsible consumption and disposal habits.

When recycling electronics, it's essential to choose reputable recycling facilities that follow environmentally responsible practices. Many countries and municipalities have designated e-waste collection centers and programs. Organizations such as the 911 Cell Phone Bank (501c3), offer a 100% free service to individuals, businesses, and agencies across the country to mail-in devices for guaranteed data erasure and secure recycling. Devices are then donated to law enforcement and victim agencies across the country to assist victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

By properly recycling our electronics, we can contribute to reducing plastic pollution and creating a more sustainable future. Visit to print a free shipping label and donate your unused and unclaimed (from lost-and-found) electronic devices today.

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