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Each year the 911 Cell Phone Bank donates thousands of smartphones to victims of abuse and human trafficking.

Please consider donating your unclaimed lost and found devices to our program.

The unclaimed electronic devices in your lost and found can have a profound effect on the lives of those in your community.


How have unclaimed electronics
donations helped?

"I gave a woman a 911 cell phone on Friday, Dec 5th and she used the phone to call for help on Saturday, Dec 6th! A person was then arrested for violating a protection order! THANK YOU!”

Vicki Ruley,  Walla Walla Police Dept, WA

“I wish you could see the look of relief on these victims faces when we say, “it’s okay if your phone’s been busted by the perp, we’re giving you one with minutes.”

Donna Kolb, Lee County Sheriff’s Office, VA

“Every day this program changes the lives of victims in ways we couldn’t imagine. Each person has been more than grateful that a program like this exists, in a situation where they felt lost.”

Jenna Halili, Victim Advocate, Las Vegas MetroPolice Department, NV

Every phone has a story, and every phone helps

people in ways that we cannot imagine.

These are just a few of the fine organizations we work with.

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