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You Helped Save a Life in Las Vegas

Here is a reprint of a real life experience that occurred in Las Vegas, NV. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has been a partner of the 911 Cell Phone Bank and receiving emergency phones since 2007. This is a good reminder of why we do what we do, and why your help is so important.

Elynne Greene, the Victims Services Supervisor with the LVMPD, came in contact with a high risk victim of domestic abuse, whose abuser was recently released from prison. The victim was extremely worried because the abuser had grown adept at avoiding law enforcement and was bold enough to ignore service of protection orders. The abuser also vowed to kill his victim when he was released. Ms. Greene provided this victim with an emergency phone from the 911 Cell Phone Bank.

The same night the victim received the emergency phone, her abuser returned to her residence. Before forcing his way into her house, he cut her landline telephone lines to prevent her from calling for help. As he entered the house, the victim grabbed her emergency phone, locked herself in her bedroom, and contacted the authorities who were able to apprehend the intruder before any harm came to his victim.

Some people are skeptical or concerned that the phones we provide only dial 911. I think stories like this show that these phones have the ability to save lives. This instance shows the true value of our program.

Since 2004 we have provided over 125,000 emergency phones, at no charge, to law enforcement agencies across the country. We are actively engaging casinos, hotels, resorts, entertainment venues...anyone who operates a lost and found...asking you to donate your unclaimed electronic devices.

To get involved, call us at 866-290-7864 or send an email to

Follow the links below to read more about the benefits of using the 911 Cell Phone Bank for the disposal of unclaimed electronic devices and the potential liability for improper disposal.

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